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Black clinicians: Join the 2024 consultation group and
learn the POOF model
- Starting 5/31/24!

POOF, which stands for Pulling Out Of Fire, is a culturally tailored form of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy geared toward addressing racial and systemic trauma that African Americans experience. It is administered in a ten-week group model. 


Clinicians participating in group consultation will learn how to run/ facilitate POOF groups. Group consultation will last 10 weeks for 90 minutes each, and each week, we will go through that week's topic in a train-the-trainer experience. All group consultation participants will receive the Powerpoint slides and other documents/ exercises to facilitate groups. 


Because the POOF model addresses the sensitive topics of Black racial and systemic trauma, consultation groups should only be joined if you already have a trusting relationship and established rapport with the Black community.

POOF Weekly Group Topics

POOF group format.png
POOF NEW.pdf.png

To enroll in the class starting 5/31/24:

Please click the link or use the QR code:

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